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Meet Brieyana


Born to parents of Black and Cambodian cultures, I, Brieyana Mobley, was raised in an environment with a heavy emphasis on food, both as sustenance and as a medium for gathering and affection.


In early 2019, while I was navigating work and college, I met my life partner who had been a plant-based since 2011. 

Moving in with him gave me the chance to actually learn to cook since living with my parents subjected me to eat whatever they cooked. Tasting some of my own food gave me insight that "Wow! Plant-based food is actually tasty!" and in October 2019, I fully converted to the diet myself for the many benefits and because frankly, cooking one meal is easier than two.

​To me, plant-based eating and cooking is the best way to show appreciation and respect to your house (your body) and your home (the Earth).

This is a judgement free zone, so if you're already plant-based or curious but hesitant to fully commit to the plant-based diet, I hope to inspire you with my recipes, restaurant suggestions, and tips to treat your body, the planet, and your tastebuds with kindness.

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